prophetic words

From 1991 through the present, the Lord has spoken to many individuals, both inside and outside Northgate through dreams, visions and the prophetic words pertaining to the corporate destiny for Northgate. 

Many of these prophetic words represent a compilation of various messages in order to better define Northgate’s Corporate Destiny. We owe a debt of gratitude to Bob Oman, one of our long-time elders, who has recorded and compiled these words over the years. Many references to “I” and “me” are referring to Bob.

Spiritual Explosion in Central Ohio

ATM’s Prophetic Conference in Cleveland Ohio in 1991

The guest speakers was a young man by the name of  Bernard Jordan who is the founder and pastor of Zoe Ministries Church in Brooklyn, New York. One particular evening, he shared that over a span of several months, the Lord had given him prophetic utterances regarding the United States as well as other places around the world. His book entitled Written Judgments is a clarion call to the church and contains prophetic utterance to most of the fifty states, individually, as well as to America, Africa and other regions of the world. 

What was of particular interest was the fact  that as he was completing recording the Lord’s  prophetic messages to each individual state,  he noticed that one state appeared to receive  no prophetic message. That is why he felt  compelled to speak at ATM’s Ohio Prophetic  Conference, for you see, the one state that  received no prophetic message was Ohio. For  days, Bernard sought the Lord regarding this  apparent oversight. Then one evening while in  prayer, the Lord spoke to him and said, “The prophetic message for the state of Ohio is  not to be revealed at this time. I have a special  purpose for the state of Ohio that will not be  revealed until its time.” 

As Bernard continued to press into prayer, he  stated that the Lord gave him the following vision. He saw the state of Ohio and over it was a crescent shape whose northern point seemed to be situated over Cleveland. It appeared that the southern tip of the crescent was situated over “a small community near a large metropolitan area in Central Ohio.” As he was observing this crescent shape, there suddenly was a huge explosion at its southern tip. It was spectacular and looked like the  most beautiful fireworks ever seen. The effects of this explosion not only reached every part of Ohio, it spread over the entire United States  and beyond its borders to other parts of the world. The Lord revealed to him that this  explosion was a mighty move of his Holy Spirit that would quickly spread to far reaching  places from this “small community near a large  metropolitan area in Central Ohio.” 

Northgate's Corporate Destiny

Men’s breakfast meeting at Northgate on July 9, 1994

Roger Pugh shared a corporate prophetic word for Northgate. The following excerpts were taken from that corporate prophetic word. 

“You know, the Lord never did promise that you’d get to take the Promised Land without a fight. Don’t ever think for a minute that just because there’s a struggle it might not be God. That’s the lie of the devil. That’s where the devil is trying to cut you off at the pass and tell you ‘look, there are giants in there – you know, you better not go in there – they’re gonna eat your lunch and your little ones are gonna perish and it’s all gonna be de - -.” Don’t believe any of that stuff. The devil has done that from the garden on. 

“Whatever God has for us, the devil will fight us over and that’s why you’ve got to be committed to the fight. You’ve got to be committed to prayer. You’ve got to be committed to be men of war – men of war and do warfare against the enemy ... 

“This will be home for ministries that shall go all over the world. The days will come, says the Lord, that you will have meetings – and the annual homecoming meeting and people will come from various parts of the earth here to celebrate the grace and the glory and the majesty of the Lord in this place. There will be banners from all nations, says the Lord, representing the world vision that I have given you. But you won’t have a world vision that you just pray for those nations, but a world vision will be instilled in the hearts of the faithful servants and obedient disciples in this place and they will go from here carrying that world vision. Souls will be won in countries you have not even thought of yet, says the Lord, in countries you have not even been burdened with yet. Souls will be won and lives will be changed ... 

“I see people coming up the expressway and down the expressway. The Lord says this is a strategic location that I have given you. I have given it to you and the enemy has said you shall not inherit it, but I have said that you will. Believe my Word and do what I have said and I will cause it to come to pass though the enemy fights you, for you are in the struggle for your destiny. As surely as the children of Israel struggled for their destiny in the wilderness and lost it through unbelief, and another generation rose up and entered in and possessed it by faith – as surely as those who entered in – entered in by faith, surely you must also enter in by faith or lose your destiny through unbelief. 

“For I have called you to be men of faith, men of valor – leaders – not only in your home and in the church, but in the community and the surrounding areas, says the Lord. For I am raising up men of war, not weak, emaciated pansies, says the Lord, but men who know how to fight with the sword and can fight with both hands and can pray and can take the builder’s trowel and the sword in the other hand and work and fight and work and fight, says the Lord ... 

“Do not let the enemy terrify your heart. Do not entertain doubt and unbelief. Do not for one second give place to negative whisperings of the enemy in your ear, for I am in it, says the Lord. Though you have to wade through deep marshes and deep water to get to My Destiny, march on, My troops and possess the land. I will add to this place. You shall have men’s meetings in the future that shall fill this room as it is now, with men, says the Lord. 

“I have a great destiny for you. I am going to heal families. I am going to work miracles in the hearts of those who have been bruised and wounded and broken, says the Lord. I am going to work miracles. I’m going to restore them. The counseling of this hour will give place to the dynamic anointing of another hour, says the Lord, that I will cut through months and years of psychological counseling and I will come to the root of the issue and I will bring deliverance. And demons shall flee manifesting their terror at the anointing of the Lord. 

“And I tell you that THIS IS YOUR DESTINY – TO HEAL UP THE BROKENHEARTED, TO BIND UP THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN WOUNDED AND TO RAISE UP LABORERS FOR THE FIELD. Those who have been wounded and broken shall be healed up, raised up, anointed and sent out – even from this place, for this is your destiny. THIS IS THE VISION OF THIS HOUSE, says the Lord. Unite yourself to it and don’t doubt it anymore. Though your numbers seem small in your eyes, this is but the beginning of what I shall do in this new day, says the Lord, for this is a new day to you. All that you have done previously was preparation for this hour and this day, says the Lord (continued...) 

“Unite yourself to My Purposes. Do not have a single-minded agenda that relates only to your personal destiny, but be united to the Corporate Destiny in this place and I will raise up My Purposes in your individual destiny, says the Lord. If you are only looking out for your own, you will not come to fulfillment. But if you look out even for My Purposes in the corporate whole, I will bring you to fulfillment of your individual destiny, says the Lord. 

“I’ve given you a secret today. Some of you will go away and you will forget what I have spoken to you. DO NOT FORGET WHAT I HAVE SAID TO YOU ABOUT FULFILLING YOUR INDIVIDUAL DESTINY ONLY THROUGH UNITING YOURSELF TO THE VISION AND THE PURPOSE THAT I HAVE CALLED YOU TO IN THIS PLACE! For if you forget it, you will lose sight of the purpose that I have for you and you will not fulfill your individual destiny. There is no other way, says the Lord. The enemy has said there is another way, but I say there is no other way, says the Almighty. 

“Therefore unite yourself to My Purpose in this place and I will raise you up with all that I have birthed in your heart and caused you to hope might come to pass in your own life through My Power and Anointing. And you shall see it come to pass, for he who gives, receives. He who withholds, perishes, says the Lord. He who gives, receives. He who withholds, perishes, says the Lord. Give yourself to the Corporate Vision and I will add to you more and more and more individually and corporately, says the Almighty!” 

Pastor's Retreat

Fall of 1995 during renovations to the church restrooms and Family Life Center

Don Jenkins and I took a break on a Saturday afternoon and walked next door near the neighbor’s pond. As I was standing there I had the following vision: 

The Lord began to show me that someday, Northgate was going to have access to a wooded area with an adjoining pond. I don’t know if it was actually part of what would become Northgate property or not, but we would at least have free access to a wooded area and an adjoin pond next to our property. 

I saw a series of paths with benches extending through the wooded area. One of these paths led to the adjoin pond that also had benches and a gazebo along its banks. I then say many individuals walking these paths and sitting quietly beside the pond. I perceived that these individuals were all pastors or church leaders from other parts of the country who had come to Northgate for healing, comfort, encouragement and restoration. I also perceived that Northgate held these special Pastor’s Retreats periodically.

Spirit of Repentance

In December 1995, as we were completing the major renovation to the church restrooms and Family Life Center, I began to sense that God was also desiring that Northgate undergo a “spiritual” renovation. I pondered this concept for several days and continually sought God for a greater level of understanding. 

About a week later I experienced the following vision. I was standing in the midst of our congregation on a typical Sunday morning service. We were in the process of worshiping God when suddenly the sanctuary was filled with the very presence of God. His glory filled the temple. Instantly every single person was literally blown off of their feet. Everyone was lying prostrate on the floor. There was total silence. 

I then began to hear a very muffled sound like a soft whimper. I then began to hear more and more people start to cry softly. Eventually, everyone was crying and their cries became louder and louder until the sanctuary was filled with almost deafening wailing and travail. This went on for quite some time. 

This level of wailing and crying then began to slowly subside until eventually there was once again total silence. This silence lasted for several minutes. Then I began to hear what sounded like a soft, muffled giggle; then another – and then another. Soon the sanctuary was being filled with louder and louder laughter from all of the people. God had showed up and the spirit of repentance fell on all of us. It was at that moment – that moment of true repentance before our God – that lives were truly changed. Bondages were broken off that day and people were delivered from those things that had kept them shackled most of their lives. 

I thought it was most interesting what happened on the very next day after the renovation was completed. For you see, the very next morning, a Saturday in January 1996, ATM held their annual pastor’s conference at Northgate. I’ll never forget that as the meeting started, individuals began to quietly cry. Individual after individual, including many of the pastors, got up before the gathering and began to repent before their God and fellow pastors. I knew I was seeing just a small glimpse of what God will be doing in this place someday. 

I have been praying for the fulfillment of this vision for many years now. I know God will do it someday. And when he does, we will all be changed. The vessels will then be ready to receive God’s outpouring of his Holy Spirit without measure and we will truly see and experience signs, wonders and miracles. 

God's Residing at Northgate

Shortly after the vision in December 1995

I had a dream that recurred for the next several years. In this dream I saw God walking up to Northgate from the northeast. He was very large and as he approached Northgate he would bend down and grasp the northwest corner of the roof and slowly lift it up as he looked in at the people of Northgate. After peering in for a while, he would then slowly lower the roof back down and I sensed that he thought to himself that they are not ready yet as he walked towards the southwest. 

On Sunday, February 10, 1999, God spoke a word to the congregation during the first service through Matt Eberly who said, 

“I am walking about looking for a holy and pure people in whom I can reside. What you have seen at Azusa Street, Toronto and Brownsville are only examples of my visitations. But I tell you that I am looking for a holy and pure people with whom I will reside.” 

Two weeks later, on a Thursday night, I had this dream for the last time. It was exactly like all the others except for one thing – as God once again lowered the roof and began walking off to the southwest after once again declaring that we were not yet ready, I felt such a heaviness in my heart as though that was our last chance and that God would not return again to check on our condition. This literally grieved my heart for days. 

That very next Sunday morning during worship, Matt Eberly shared another word with the congregation. As he was returning to his sear, he walked up to me and stated, “The Lord would have you know this morning that what he has shown you that he desires to do in this place, he will do it!” 


For years, the Lord has shown me that Northgate will be like a hospital. Literally multitudes would be running through this “hospital” where all who come would be healed through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. But God has also shown me that this will not be fulfilled until the earthen vessels through whom God’s healing power will flow are healed first. Many have resisted being healed. The image of this “hospital” came in the form of a vision that God had given to Sandy and me some years ago. 

At first, Sandy saw several beautiful race horses running like the wind. They were so alive and it looked like there were barely touching the ground as they raced forward with such grace and beauty. For you see, there were doing what they were bred to do – run! What was so funny, however, was the fact that there were several large, strong and muscular work horses who were trying their hardest to keep up with the race horses. 

But try as hard as they could, they were woefully falling well behind in the dust of the race horses who were now far out of sight ahead of them. Since work horses are not bred for running, they soon realized that they were never going to keep up with the race horses. 

Eventually the work horses walked in the direction of this wooded area that was ahead of them off to the right. In the distance, just over a ridge beyond this wooded area, the sounds of a mighty battle could be heard. Explosions from cannon fire and constant gunfire could be heard great distances away. The work horses noted that the tracks of the race horses they had tried to run with led off over the rise in the direction of the battle (continued...) 

As the work horses walked into the wooded area, they transformed into people who found themselves in what could be described as a “MASH” unit - a military hospital camp that had been established to care for those soldiers wounded in battle. 

Just then, many wounded soldiers began being transported into this hospital camp. I perceived that each of these wounded soldiers were once race horses. Some soldiers had severe, life threatening injuries and were carried immediately into the surgery tent where those work horses (surgeons and nurses) that had been trained to treat massive trauma began ministering to their major wounds. Other soldiers arrived in the camp with gunshot and shrapnel wounds that were less life threatening. These were taken to other tents where other work horses (doctors and nurses) tended to their wounds. 

Yet other soldiers were brought into camp with only minor cuts and bruises. Their minor wounds were cleaned and fresh bandages were then applied. Still other soldiers were brought into camp who did not have any wounds but who were extremely battle weary, tired and exhausted from doing battle with the enemy on the front lines. Some of these individuals were placed under the large shade trees and were given soup to eat and fresh water to drink that would bring renewed strength to their bodies. Other work horses were observed playing soothing music and singing to some of these weary warriors. Each of the work horses, in their own special way, was ministering exactly what was needed to each of these battle-weary soldiers. 

In an amazing short period of time, each of these wounded and weary soldiers (these race horses) recovered from their wounds and regained their strength. What amazed me was their undying zeal to “race back” to the front lines as absolutely soon as possible. 

I believe that this vision, coupled with the vision about the Pastor’s Retreat are saying the same thing, i.e., that Northgate, which is represented by the work horses, will someday be ministering healing, comfort and encouragement to battle weary race horses that represent pastors, evangelists, apostles and other church leaders and administrators and laborers for the Lord from many different places. 

Ministry Doors

Several years ago I was praying to God and questioning him as to why so many individuals and families at Northgate seemed to be going through so many difficult situations in their lives and families. Many individuals were going through financial hardships, chemical dependency issues, marital strife, and physical maladies including depression and anxiety attacks. These were all Christians who were trying as best they could to walk righteously with the Lord. 

According to God’s word, we his children are to be overcomers. But I saw so little “overcoming” in people’s lives. As I was questioning God as to why these individuals were going through such hardships, I experienced the following vision: Before me was what seemed like an endless row of very large doors that stretched off into the distance to my right. Each door was approximately 10 feet wide and 25 feet high and was spaced about 5 feet apart from each other. I then noticed individuals from our church standing in front of each of these doors. Some were standing alone in front of their particular door. Yet in front of other doors, I saw couples standing side by side in front of their particular doors. In front of other doors, I saw whole families standing together, side by side. 

Before me was what seemed like an endless row of very large doors that stretched off into the distance to my right. Each door was approximately 10 feet wide and 25 feet high and was spaced about 5 feet apart from each other. I then noticed individuals from our church standing in front of each of these doors. Some were standing alone in front of their particular door. Yet in front of other doors, I saw couples standing side by side in front of their particular doors. In front of other doors, I saw whole families standing together, side by side (continued...) 

When I asked the Lord for an explanation of these doors and why the people of Northgate were standing in front of them, he then gently raised me upwards and to the right. It was then that I noticed that behind each of these doors were endless lines of people. Each door seemed to represent a specific type of healing. It was then that God said, “I am allowing each of my children to walk through specific hardships and trials so that someday they will be able to minister healing and comfort to those individuals in the world who will be comforted with the comfort that I have given them. But they must first experience these hardships first hand so they can receive my healing and comfort before they will be able to comfort those that I have already destined to receive their healing.” 

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. (2 Cor. 1:3-4 NIV) 

Revival In the Community

Lattie McDonough on June 21, 1997 (over Pastor Bill and Amy Stephens)

“I see a revival in that community. I’m talking about something that is going to touch the whole community. Lord, I know that the years that they have spent there and those that are with them. Lord, the years that they have invested there – they are seeking a revival. I ask you for a move of God that is unprecedented in Sunbury and the surrounding areas. I ask you to send the lost into this place. Give them an audience, Oh God, with lost people. And if you do that, Lord, you will anoint them to preach the gospel to the poor. 

“I’ve never prophesied anything like this in my life, so I do it with great trepidation. I want you to know that. I don’t think I do it with unbelief, but I do this with great trepidation. I see many people coming through that church. I don’t know if I am affected by what I know about the Brownsville revival, but I see people running, running. Hallelujah! “God, I ask you, let it happen. God, I believe you. That you can bring revival anywhere you choose. That when you call, people will answer. Hallelujah! When you call the masses, God, they cannot delay. 

“God, I ask you, call the masses. In the name of the Lord, call the masses, that you may have fame, Lord. In an unknown place, God, I ask you that you may be famous in an unknown place. That your name might go out to the world. In the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus.” 

Exponential Rise

Steve Witt - Bethel Cleveland 9/19/2017 (Ethan Flack & Bethel Akron Campus Pastor) 

200 to 2,000; an exponential rise. God is multiplying your sphere (subdivisions). The place we are in now will become like a retreat center. The main campus will be in another location. Build without seeing the children. The children will come as we build. Fruit of the womb that sons and daughters would come forth.  

Tip of the Spear  

Bethel Akron Campus Pastor

I am on the leading, cutting edge. Creating a wedge. Some of its never been done before. Like geese fly in a wedge. God is giving me people on my left and right. God has shown you some things and you are saying, “Lord I am willing.” Things that I have dreamed that I haven’t shared with anyone. Duet. 1:11 Expansion, new place, infusion Ethan Flack: Carry it, Keep it, Contain it - His presence. Need a bigger container. Press in for the more. My container will increase. The Lord is dumping off 2 x 4’s (more and more). 

The Lord said this is the building material. First, mothers and fathers will come, then they will bring their children and the grandparents. It is a picture of legacy coming into our community. We are going to see an increase and it will change our community and schools. Bethel Akron Campus Pastor: You are a demolitions expert. They know right where to place the explosives. It is meant to mine. It will feel like it might blow things up, but it will mine things that were there. 

Tunnel of Transition

Steve Witt - Bethel Cleveland 10/13/17

You have been in a tunnel of transition and you are coming into an open place. The tunnel is shorter than what you thought it would be. The open place is wide open; an open heaven. As soon as I drove on this property, immediately I felt the Lord say, “This place is going to blow up.” It is going to explode. The number that came to me (I never like to give numbers) I saw a point in time…the Lord is going to shoot you to 1,200 people. You need to prepare now as if you have those 1,200 people with administration, thinking, leadership, worship teams and buildings. You are going to start to feel it. What if 1,200 people showed up next Sunday? The Lord is going to start edging you. We are prepared for something massive. This place and area is going to explode. We are going to be right in the middle of it. The blessing of the Lord is going to come upon you. More lands are coming in. He is going to add. Faithful with little, faithful with much. The power of God to come upon them…for strategic understanding and clarity. To move in a dynamic that is powerful. 

Pushing Back the Darkness

Steve Witt - Bethel Cleveland 11/10/17 / Joel Reichlin

Joel Reichlin: The first shall be last and the last will be first. I just have a sense that you are stepping into this depth in the kingdom that you have always been looking for. There is a whole other landscape that is beginning to open up to you. I see people coming in and going out. I also see you establishing the body of Christ, not only around the state of Ohio or the nation but to other nations of the world to take what God is going to do in the church. 

Steve Witt: This couple has a city being built around their church. They have a generational anointing on their church (continued...) 

Laura - I feel like your wife is like a secret weapon in your church. She is like a fist in a velvet glove. There is something very powerful. I just see like a fist coming out periodically and its pushing back darkness. It's not just in intercession, although that would be very powerful, but the prophetic anointing that is upon her is going to keep the enemy at bay. He is going to create gaps and openings for people to flood in to receive the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Church - You need to prepare your altar teams and those that lead people to the Lord to be ready. There will be Sundays where you will be overwhelmed for no apparent reason. They will be led there like Cornelius was led to Peter’s house. The Lord is going to give out the address of your church to people that are in need. They won’t be sure why they came. I bless that this place is going to blow up in the spirit. They are ready. It is time. 

For some reason known only to God, He has chosen Northgate, along with others, where he will someday reside. His glory will fill the temple and signs, wonders and miracles will abound at Northgate. When the Lord shakes the world, thousands and thousands of people who have not known Jesus will flock to Northgate which will be a refuge where they will receive healing from the Lord. 

Tired, exhausted and wounded pastors and other church leaders will come to Northgate to be healed, nourished and strengthened for return to the “front lines” of ministering to a lost and dying world. Word will soon spread that God resides at a church called Northgate to the north of Columbus, Ohio. I-71 and S.R. 36/37 will be jammed with traffic by those who desperately want to meet God. We will be conducting church 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. This will place a great burden upon Northgate, but we will not be standing alone. We will be working shifts alongside of many, many other churches who will be assisting with this tremendous outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit as never before seen. 

Many of those individuals who have been struggling with all sorts of issues who have not wavered and who have allowed God’s healing into their lives, will someday be heading up healing ministries along with others. They will be ministering God’s healing to literally thousands of people. For some reason, God has chosen Northgate to be that hospital where he will be residing and where thousands and thousands of people will receive their healing and then give their life to Jesus Christ. And we will have the privilege of being his chosen vessels through whom his healing power, love and light will flow to others. But don’t forget, that “with the calling to be a chosen vessel comes the need for a stricter discipline and a more intense commitment than is required of other vessels.”