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Kingdom Life School (KLS) is a training center that empowers individuals to embrace their royal identity, equipping them to walk in the authority and power of the King. It is built upon the foundational culture of Northgate Church, offering transformative experiences for personal growth and development. 

With a year-long curriculum (August-May), KLS empowers students to understand core Kingdom values and confidently navigate life's challenges. Dedicated instructors provide practical skills and knowledge to deepen faith, develop leadership abilities, and ignite a passion for serving others. Join KLS to unlock your full potential, make a difference, and live out your purpose. 

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KLS is currently underway for the 2023-2024 year! If you are interested in applying for next year, email us at

  • Kingdom Life School is a two-year program where students learn how to naturally carry and live out a kingdom lifestyle of God's love and power. 

    The first year focuses on your ‘roots’ by creating a healthy, solid foundation so you can begin to walk in greater love, power and freedom. Year One is designed to ignite your relationship with God by grounding your identity in Christ, fostering intimacy with Him, and bringing you new revelations of Christ! 

    Year Two focuses on the ‘fruit’ your life produces as you live and lead in your sphere of influence. Your journey in Year Two will propel you in your walk with God by empowering, activating, and partnering in ministry and the marketplace as you make an observable difference in your church and city! 

    Each year is a 9-month program (Sep - May) that meets on Monday nights from 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm. Students who take Year One are NOT required to take Year Two; however, Year One IS a prerequisite for taking Year Two as it’s not just content we want to impart, but a Kingdom perspective to the content while at the same time, learning a Kingdom Culture. 

    Our dream is that KLS will be a multi-generational school that embraces students from the ages 18 to 80+. Joining generations together, they honor, value, and serve one another which is consistent with Northgate’s core values and mandate. The Kingdom must be in us before it can be expanded through us! We believe it is time for Christians to walk in a lifestyle of God’s love, presence and power by demonstrating His kindness in their everyday lives. Jesus said, “Greater works than these you will do because I’m going to the Father.” (John 14:12)  

    • Do you desire to have greater intimacy with God and others?
    • Would you like to grow in revelation and understanding of the Bible?   
    • Do you feel like God has a purpose for your life that needs fulfilled?  
    • Do you desire to do the things that Jesus did like heal the sick and bring freedom to the broken?
    • Do you long to be part of a community that is eager and hungry to grow?
    • Have you ever wished that you could get more training but feel like you can't because of time, family, work or the cost?

    If you answered 'yes' to one or more of these questions, then Kingdom Life School is for you!

    • A Learning Atmosphere Charged with God’s Presence
    • Passionate, Intimate Worship
    • God Encounters that Strengthen Intimacy, Identity & Revelation
    • Word & Spirit Teachings from Northgate Senior Leadership
    • Impartations & Activations from Special Speakers/Guests
    • Small Groups who Foster Healthy Community

    The school emphasizes hands-on training and activation to do what Jesus taught and did. KLS will take your Biblical knowledge and foundation to the next level by teaching how to read and study the Bible, recognizing history, language, context and purpose. You will be challenged to take risks and stretch your faith by releasing God’s love and power.

  • In addition to the Monday classes, here are additional benefits included:

    • 32 weeks of Kingdom-focused teaching and discussion in an intimate group setting, lead by Northgate leadership, KLS Alumni, and occasional guest speakers. ($3200 value)
    • Participation in Facebook community page facilitating connection and discussion outside of Monday nights.
    • Shared journey with a room full of fellow sojourners, hungry for the MORE!
    • Access and impartation of local and guest speakers at Northgate. Many will extend their stay in order to also share at the school.
    • Weekend retreat to help you go deeper in your spiritual journey and connect in community. ($350 value).
    • One Sozo or Inner healing session per year ($75 value).
  • Tuition for the 2023/24 year is $950 per person / $1450 for a married couple

    • $100 nonrefundable deposit required with registration
    • Three payment options are offered: payment in full, quarterly payments (3), or monthley payments (9).  A 5% admin fee will be added to quarterly and monthly payment plans.
    • The decision on how to pay will be finalized first night of class, August 8; first payments for those who opt into a payment plan will be due Sep 20.

    Funding options:

    If the tuition seems overwhelming, do not let it discourage you. We would encourage you to take your desire to attend before the Lord and ask Him to make a way. Part of the KLS experience is to step into things that seem too big, that’s living in a Kingdom environment!  You will be stretched in many ways. KLS is an investment that could require sacrifices of your resources, both in time and money.

    Here are some possible ideas that could help:

    • Make a sacrifice: Are there any expensive habits you’re willing to break to put that money towards tuition? Can you pack your lunch instead of eating out or every time you crave that Starbucks, instead put that cash towards stepping into Kingdom Life!
    • Sell something: Do you have any items of value sitting around that you’re willing to sell? Maybe ask a friend to help post old phones on eBay, or clothes you no longer need on Facebook MarketPlace. Do you have a hobby that maybe you can turn into some extra income for a time?
    • Approach family or friends: Let your friends and family know that you are investing in your destiny and see if those close to you would be willing to contribute toward your growth journey. There are many crowdfunding options available. 
    • Apply for a KLS Scholarship: Once you feel you have explored all the different options available to you, if you still have a financial need, reach out to to apply for a KLS Scholarship. These scholarships are funded by individuals who believe in KLS and want to invest in you! 
  • What does the schedule/calendar look like each year?

    Classes are held on Monday nights from 6:30-9:00pm. There are five 6-7 week sessions with breaks in between (for instance, we break for Christmas and New Years). A weekend retreat is scheduled for the beginning of the year (typically between January and February), and graduation is near the end of May. 

    What will a typical night consist of or look like? 

    Most nights will consist of prophetic activations, encounters with God, teaching, authentic discussion and healthy community (small groups.) Activations are opportunities for students to practice what they have learned (hearing God, praying for others, sharing prophetic words, etc.)  Ultimately, we will be flexible and led by the Holy Spirit.

    What does homework or assignments look like outside of Monday nights? 

    We understand that you have jobs and family, so you won’t be overburdened with homework. This is not your traditional school with assignments or deadlines. There might be some reading or supplemental video teachings offered. Dubb Alexander offers two 'intensives' throughout the year, both of which are optional and offered online. This additional content is offered for those who are wanting 'more', but not required for those who do not have the space for it. 

    Do I have to be a member of Northgate Church to attend the school?

    Absolutely not! We are happy to help equip people from other churches to bring regional transformation.  

    What is the difference between First Year and Second Year?  

    First Year is about the ‘roots’ of Kingdom Life, focusing on building a solid foundation of Intimacy with God, Identity, Understanding the Bible, Healthy Community and Mission.  Second Year will focus on the ‘fruit’ of a Kingdom Life, as we identify, serve and lead in our spheres of influence.

    What is the retreat all about?  

    The retreat is a weekend spent together off-site for growing and building community. We will experience the greatness of God through worship, teaching, and receiving God’s love and freedom through encounters. The retreat is included in your cost of tuition and attendance is strongly encouraged. Location and dates are still be determined, but estimated to be in February 2024.  All costs associated with the retreat, aside from the travel to get there, is included in your tuition.

    What is the minimum age for KLS?  

    Our minimum age for KLS is 18 years old. Exceptions are made periodically.

    Do you have a program that starts in the spring?  

    Unfortunately, we do not. We start in the fall and because the sessions are designed to build upon one another we aren’t typically able to allow participants to start later in the year.

    If I get accepted, but then decide not to come, can my application be forwarded to next year?  

    Your application is non transferrable to a different school year and will need to be filled out again.

    What is the application deadline?  

    August 31 is the deadline to enroll and submit a nonrefundable deposit, to avoid late enrollment fees.  After August 31, applications can still be submitted, but with a $50 late registration fee.

    How do I receive the Early Bird discount?

    Submit an application by midnight, Aug 15, along with your $100 nonrefundable deposit. Applications can be submitted by clicking the APPLY HERE buttons.   

    Do you have to finish both years?  

    No, you will graduate at the end of each school year so you are able to attend one, or two years.

    Do we give out the book list ahead of time?  

    No. However, we will give plenty of notice for any additional books that will be required.

    What is the graduation date?  

    The 2024 year will end May 13, 2024 with a the graduation ceremony scheduled for May 20, 2024.

    Can I audit a class sessions without being a paying student?

    Because we are trying to build healthy community through transparency and vulnerability, we would like to limit the school experience to those that have made the sacrifice and commitment. However, we would be open to someone to audit a class or two to help them decide if they want to attend the school. Please contact the School Administrator for more information:

    Do you provide financial aid?  

    We do not offer financial aid as we are not government funded, nor are we an accredited university. However, limited scholarships might be available for those who have a concern with the tuition costs. When registering, be sure to explain your concerns in the appropriate field on the registration form. Please also refer to the section entitled ‘Funding Options’.

    How do I raise money for tuition?  

    If finances seem to be an issue, we would recommend trying the following: pray and believe in faith, make a sacrifice in your budget, share your desire with your family and friends, and finally, talk to our school administrator.

    Do you require a High School Diploma or GED?  

    We would prefer that you have completed High School or earned your GED or equivalency. However, please let us know if there are extenuating circumstances that should be considered.

    Is there a discount for family?  

    Yes. We offer a discount for a married couple.  See the Tuition section above.

    Do you provide childcare?  

    Please indicate on your application if you would be interested in this service and we will get back to if we are able to offer it

    Who do I contact for more information?  

    KLS Administrator:

kls leadership

Meet the team who makes KLS possible!

  • mike bean

    equipping pastor

  • michelle gruber

    year 1 director

  • jill rindfuss

    year 2 director

  • dee hayward

    school administrator

  • janina tackett