meet the northgate team

lead team

Our lead team is dedicated to raising up a community of believers who encounter God, get equipped, and live empowered. 

chris stephens

senior leader

Pastor Chris, our Senior Leader since 2014, is dedicated to building upon the rich heritage, foundation, and prophetic words of northgate. He strives to create a strong vision, healthy culture, and thriving teams that bring God's blueprints to life for our church and its people.

Star-Struckfun fact I once played drums for Ricky Skaggs

Pizza Slicego-to eats anything smoked, dipped, smothered, salted, baked, fried, battered

Videofav shows & flix Comedies, movies about justice like Saving Private Ryan, The Patriot, The Godfather, The Bourne Series, The Wizard of Oz (they threatened to take her dog)

headphonesusually listening to Worship, music with a good rhythm, podcasts dealing with issues/solutions

book books i love (besides the Bible of course) Culture of Honor, Hosting the Presence, Supernatural Ways of Royalty

commentsconversation starters Fast cars. Travel. Business ideas. Finding solutions.

laura stephens

encounter pastor

Laura, northgate's Encounter Pastor, is passionate about creating environments for people to encounter God, hear His voice, and enter His presence together. She utilizes this dedication to oversee our worship, prayer, and prophetic ministries.

Star-Struck  fun fact A favorite childhood food was fried squirrel. I loved tucking their fuzzy tails behind my ears and pretending I had long hair with pony tails.

Pizza Slice  go-to eats Berries, chocolate, ribeye (yes, I eat the fatty parts first!), Ukrainian food

Video  fav shows & flix MASH, Frazier, The Lord of the Rings series, Home Alone

headphones  usually listening to 80's music, podcasts/books on the prophetic, our journey to wholeness, and the incredible way God has designed our mind and body

book books i love (besides the Bible of course) Keep Your Love On, Throne Room, Love & Prophecy, Fashioned to Reign

comments  conversation starters Unique/weird spiritual experiences. Nature. How the human mind and body works.

mike bean

equipping pastor

Mike, an architect of culture and people, serves as the Equipping Pastor at northgate. His role is to create safe spaces to champion and equip people with the tools to fulfill their God-given purpose.

Star-Struck  fun fact In high school I was interrogated and read my rights (you’ll have to invite me to coffee for the full story!)

Pizza Slice  go-to eats All things Steak - steak sandwiches, burritos, marsala, you get the picture

Video  fav shows & flix Italian Job, Monk, Shark Tank, Unsellable Houses, No Demo Reno

headphones  usually listening to Worship, classical, sometimes hip hop (NF specifically). 

book books i love (besides the Bible of course) The Supernatural Ways of Royalty, When People are Big and God is Small, Culture of Honor

comments  conversation starters Business. Culture. I really love to hear what is stirring in the hearts of those around me!

kelly norris

executive pastor

Kelly is northgate's Executive Pastor. She uses her grace to empower others to create systems and processes, identify and launch gifts in others, and minister to the church's needs as a whole.

Star-Struck  fun fact I met my husband Andy while in youth group and started "dating" at 12 years old. We got married around 10 years later!

Pizza Slice  go-to eats Sushi (or "sush" as we call it)

Video  fav shows & flix Mystery/suspense, Elf, Gilmore Girls

headphones  usually listening to pretty much anything but Rap and Country

book books i love (besides the Bible of course) Who Not How, Simple Church, The Go Giver (& fiction too!)

comments  conversation starters Clean eating/health. Your favorite fiction books. Church trends (I'm a church geek). Do you have a problem to solve? I'm your girl! 

church staff

The staff members of our church work both on the front lines and behind the scenes to help make Sunday mornings, events, and the many ministries at northgate happen!

  • sarah bean

    worship team pastor

  • Sarah plotner

    communications director

  • chelsea diehl

    children's ministry director

  • ron & lynnette lawson

    student ministry directors

bill & amy stephens

founding pastors

Pastor Bill & Amy founded our church in 1986, and have been pillars of wisdom and leadership ever since. We are incredibly grateful for the time, prayer, and dedication they've poured into northgate. Don't miss out on the impactful messages from Pastor Bill throughout the year!

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