sozo: inner healing

with Keren Anderson

At times, Christians get stuck and find it hard to move forward and grow in the Lord. Sozo is a lifestyle of being intimate with Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, bringing about the true Fruit of the Holy Spirit, flowing naturally from you without struggling (Galatians 5:22-23). Learning to live this way brings you into your destiny of being and not just doing. 


A SOZO session is a time set aside for the SOZO team to sit down with you and with the help of the Holy Spirit walk you through the process of freedom and wholeness. Sozo is not a counseling session but a time of interacting with Father, Son and Holy Spirit for wholeness and pursuit of your destiny.


Examples of where SOZO has been helpful to others:

  • Putting Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit into Their proper place in you, and Putting you into your proper place in Them
  • Exchanging heavy yokes for the yoke of the Trinity
  • Revealing lies the enemy has woven into your mind
  • Finding darkness and exchanging it for the truths of God
  • Making Ephesians 6:12, “For we do not fight against flesh and blood,” a reality in your life
  • Understanding the intent of the enemy and identifying where we have come into agreement with him
  • Looking for inner vows against the truths of God that has limited the scripture of Jeremiah 28:11 in your life
  • Truly forgiving yourself and others for the wrongs that have been done
  • Bringing down walls that are keeping you from your true self and your relationships with God and others
  • Resolving issues that come from any type of abuse
  • Identifying patterns that continue to occur in your life

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